Penn-Mar: Courage on Display Annual Report 2020

In Bold Pursuit

Dear Friends,


As we look back on a year like no other, it would be easy to reflect on the challenges, frustrations, and tragedies that we all faced.  But without discounting any of the significant hardships, we would like to steer in another direction and highlight what we’ve learned from this pandemic and what it has revealed about the courage and resolve of this incredible organization.


First and foremost, words cannot express our gratitude or fully describe just how selfless and brave every member of the Penn-Mar team has been. Day after day, they have been giving of their time and love, doing whatever they can to put a smile on the faces of the people we support- and one another. Most importantly, our team has been steadfast in the pursuit of health and safety. We have the tools and techniques to keep everyone as safe as possible, and our team is more dedicated than ever.


Many of those tools have revealed their value not just during the pandemic, but also their place in the future of our organization, pushing Penn-Mar to look at how innovation will allow us to help more people.  For instance, virtual meeting platforms have demonstrated just how connected we can be when face-to-face interaction is not possible. This realization has spurred us to consider other advances that could prove to be invaluable as we explore more ways to provide the highest levels of service.


Perhaps the most significant lesson that COVID has taught all of us is that social isolation can be crippling. But in the past, isolation has often been the norm for people with IDD. That’s one reason why Penn-Mar’s goal has always been to spread inclusion and equity for those with IDD and shift perceptions within the community through our myriad of programs and services. By having a glimpse at the everyday isolation experienced by someone with IDD who does not have a team behind them, it’s clear that we must work harder than ever to support them in living a full and happy life. The ongoing distancing and lockdowns revealed that Penn-Mar offers a final social safety net and without us, those with IDD risk staying hidden in the darkness.


As 2021 approaches, we should continue to respect the dangers of this pandemic, without letting fear overtake our lives. Instead, let us live courageously in our pursuit to lift up the ones who are most vulnerable, realizing that 2020 has revealed what life can be like without Penn-Mar’s support.


Gregory T. Miller

President & CEO, Penn-Mar Human Services


Douglas A. Rein

Board Chair

Greg Miller-new-color

Gregory T. Miller

President & CEO

Douglas A. Rein

Board Chair

Our Impact


Raised by our annual Black Tie Gala

Supporting innovative services for people with disabilities


Direct Support Professionals participating
in our Career Ladders Program

Number Certified – 46
Of those certified, percent retained – 91%


Homes operated by Penn-Mar

Maryland – 30
Pennsylvania – 26


Virtual classes per week
Virtual supports were rapidly launched and scaled to meet COVID needs


People with disabilities directly supported by Penn-Mar

Maryland – 322
Pennsylvania – 254



Days our COVID Taskforce met

consecutively, including weekends

With ongoing meetings as the pandemic continues



Spent on Personal Protective Equipment

This does not include other COVID expenses, like testing




Low Intensity Support Services

 Provided to 1,298 people with disabilities

Be Loved

Nothing could stop Amanda and Greg’s big day.


Not a global pandemic, not a rainstorm, not even a society that sadly doesn’t always embrace the idea of two people with disabilities falling in love.


That’s because Greg and Amanda know what we all know in our hearts – that we deserve to be loved.


Like most weddings, there were a lot of people who pitched in to make it happen, from friends and family to Direct Support Professional Elizabeth, who served as the Maid of Honor!


While Amanda and Greg’s journey is heartwarming, it shouldn’t be sensational. People with disabilities who want to have meaningful relationships deserve to have them, and Penn-Mar exists to ensure that every person can live a life they love.

Be There

Direct Support Professional Alesha snapped this photo of her and Paul on a ‘typical’ day at work.


Except nothing about 2020 has been ‘typical,’ and being a DSP will never be a ‘typical’ job. Yet DSPs like Alesha have made a commitment to be there for the people they support.


We’re incredibly thankful for Alesha and her colleagues. They are a critical workforce, on the frontlines supporting people with disabilities 24/7, 365. Their impact on the people they support, their families, and our community is immeasurable.


But when words fail, pictures say plenty. And this one portrays precisely what’s at the heart of our mission.

Be Brave

We’re betting that when you hear the phrase, ‘Essential Employee,’ you don’t picture someone with a disability. You should.


Many of us have been understandably apprehensive to return to work during COVID-19. Not Mattie. When presented with the opportunity to return to her job at Panera Bread, she wanted to be brave.


As an essential employee, Mattie is undeniably courageous. She also has the support of our stellar Customized Employment team. They not only helped her identify her career goals, but worked with her to find a job she loves, where she’s respected and properly compensated.


We think that’s pretty essential.

An Enduring Investment

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided further proof of just how critical Penn-Mar’s role is within the community in supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Demand for our services has increased, creating unforeseen expenses for which our traditional funding methods could not have prepared us. As a result, we’ve had to innovate and adapt at a record pace so we can continue to provide the necessary assistance that the people we support have come to count on.


Though our team has courageously stepped up in every way possible, nonprofits like Penn-Mar are faced with an uncertain future as the economy continues to suffer. All of this points to the vital role that the Penn-Mar Foundation plays in the success of our organization. The Foundation brings families, communities, and companies together to continue our mission in ways that would be impossible if not for its existence.


In the best of times, traditional funding can’t sustain our future and those resources are especially uncertain in the coming year. The budget shortfalls at the state level could result in reduced funding for human services organizations like Penn-Mar, and in the process, hurt the ones who need support the most. Looking ahead, the Foundation’s role is more vital than ever.


As an outside revenue source, The Black Tie Gala raised over $775,000 in 2020, funding essential programs and services. On top of that enormous outpouring of generosity, individual philanthropists continue to invest in our future by contributing generously to our endowed funds, one of the most important of which supports our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs).


Without DSPs, the work we do would be virtually impossible. Making sure they stay with Penn-Mar for the long-term, not leave the organization or the profession as a whole, is imperative to Penn-Mar’s future and the people we’re committed to serving.  The DSP’s skill, dedication, and courage make the lives of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) untethered by antiquated societal restrictions or the burden of isolation. But financial resources are critical for the future of Penn-Mar’s DSPs and without the Foundation, the lives of people with IDD would be greatly diminished.


Below are some of the key programs and funds we’re concentrating on as we look for ways to improve and innovate in the years ahead, investing in initiatives that deliver remarkable results:


Career Ladders: Over $1.1 million has been raised through the Gala since 2016 to support current costs of the program and $2.4 million (and growing) currently in the Michael James Pitts Endowment for the Advancement of Direct Support Professionals, ensuring this program’s future. 57 DSPs are in the program with 46 certified, and Penn-Mar has a 91% retention rate of credentialed DSPs.


Team Member Care Fund: The Care Fund provided much needed relief to our residential homes during the height of the lockdown by providing a Chef’s Night Off for each home once a week for eight weeks, and emergency financial relief for individual team members with demonstrated need.


Person-Centered Culture: The development of a cohesive, coordinated, and intentional person-centered approach across all programs that allows the people we support to live their best life.


As we look to the future, with all we learned and experienced through the pandemic, we know it’s more important than ever to fund innovation and invest in our future. The Foundation is the key to this investment and most imperative of all, supporting the people who count on Penn-Mar the most.

Kathy Rogers_B-new-color
Kathy Rogers

Executive Director, Penn-Mar Foundation

Anthony Gallo

Foundation Board Chair

     …words cannot express our gratitude or fully describe just how selfless and brave every member of the Penn-Mar team has been. Day after day, they have been giving of their time and love, doing whatever they can to put a smile on the faces of the people we support- and one another.


Thank You to Our Supporters

Penn-Mar Human Services and the Penn-Mar Foundation relies on support from the community to transform life into living for adults with disabilities. In FY 2020, more than 700 individuals and organizations made charitable donations totaling more than $1.5 million. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the list of donors.  If we have inadvertently misspelled or omitted your name, please accept our apologies and contact the advancement department at 410.343.1069 so we can correct our records.

Penn-Mar Human Services Circle of Donors

Represented on this list are the individuals who contributed more than $100 and businesses/organizations that contributed $500 or more to benefit Penn-Mar Human Services between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.  If you would like to become a member of the Circle of Donors, learn more at

Founders Circle ($100,000 or more)

Mr. and Mrs. James and Kay Pitts

Chairman's Circle ($50,000 - $99,999)


Leadership Circle ($25,000 - $49,999)

Aegon Transamerica Foundation
Glatfelter Insurance Group
Kinsley Family Foundation
Kinsley Construction
Sarah Marks & the Estate of Donald Marks
Meridian Home Mortgage Corporation
PeoplesBank, a Codorus Valley Company
United Way of York County

Investor's Circle ($10,000 - $24,999)

Mr. and Mrs. William and Mary Beazley
Brown Advisory Group
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Stefanie Campisi
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy and Carol Chase
York County Community Foundation
New Standard Corporation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Wendy Gallo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Mary Loomis
M & T Bank and M & T Charitable Foundation
Mr. Carlo Madonna and Mrs. Elizabeth Pitts-Madonna
Mr. Perry Offutt
Rhona’s Place
Mr. and Mrs. W. David and Robin Stang
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Jacquelyn Summers
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy and Janet Taggart
Mr. Edward Yates
Mr. J. Edward Yates and Mrs. Melodee Yates

Heroes Circle ($5,000 - $9,999)

Barley Snyder LLC
Bill Kidd’s Toyota
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Heidi Boan
Mr. Sean Campbell
Mr. Jim Carr and Mrs. Judith Carroll
Chesapeake Employers Insurance
Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta
Dimensional Health Care Associates, Inc.
Capt. Joe DiPaola
Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council
ECHO (Employees Charity Organization of Northrop Grumman)
Mrs. Sarah Galbraith
Mr. & Mrs. Gary and Karen Gilbert
Ms. Susan Gordes
Grandizio, Wilkins, Little & Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Ann Hankin
Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Robin Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kelly III
Koons Westminster Toyota
White Rose Leadership Institute
Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Leslie Mann
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John and Jamie Nussle
Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital
PNC Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Becky Polun
Ridge Engineering
Saul Ewing Arenstein & Lehr
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Izzy Schaefer
Mr. Bob Smith
The Stewart Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Claudia Summerson
TESSCO Technologies, Inc.
Senator and Mrs. Scott and Tracy Wagner
WMS Partners

Champions Circle ($1,000 - $4,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Adcock
Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Jan Allio
Mrs. Amy Seto & Mr. Justin Seto
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Pepper Armacost
Manish Arora
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Stephanie Aspey
Atholton IC 1, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Aulisio
Ms. Ruth Bair
Dr. James Ball
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Cheryl Barrows
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Baumeister
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas and Ginger Beigel
Mr. and Mrs. Rick and Carol Bernstein
Blue & Obrecht
Mr. and Dr. Max Blumenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bond
Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Claire Bove
Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Allison Braglio
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Nina Bruno
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Angus Burton
Southern York County Business Association
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Buttion
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Callahan
Dr. Stephen Cameron
Ms. Beverly Canatella
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Julia Carteaux
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Robin Chamberlin
Members 1st Federal Credit Union
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Kris Crosswhite
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Charlene D’Agati
Mr. and Mrs. David and Cindy Bode
Mr. Henry Dobbs
Mrs. Lois Duscha
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Eaton
Mr. and Mrs. William and Pam Eshler
Mr. and Mrs. Joel and Lorreelee Filius
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Frey
FrontStream Workplace Philanthropy
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Jill Golueke
Mr. and Ms. Charles and Beth Greenland
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gruppo
Colonel Ret. and Mrs. Michael and Rebecca Hamilton
Dr. Todd Phillips and Mrs. Denise Hargrove
Dr. David Hilbert
Ms. Maureen Honeychuck
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Horner
Judge Barry Hughes
Ms. Karen Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Nancy Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Christina Kuntz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Jessica Lang
Han Lee
Liberty LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle and Sarah Bode Lingg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Margaret Loban
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Amy Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Kandi Malm
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel and Martha Martin
McCormick & Co Inc
Ms. Kathleen McMahon and Mr. Ed Cozzolino
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Meyers
Mr. and Mrs. John and Susan Mihal
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory and Terri Miller
Mr. Greg Miller
Tom and Fran Miller Foundation
Mrs. Marilouise Moore
Mrs. Frances Nussle
Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Lisa Orlandi
Mr. Philip (Tony) Piermatteo
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Joan Poet
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Price
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Sally Rachanow
Mrs. Julie Ream
Mrs. Jean Reider
Mrs. Katherine Rogers
T-Rowe Price
Mr. Michael Rudnick
Ms. Linda Ryan
The Safeway Foundation
SC&H Group, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David and Christine Sprinkel
Stansberry Research
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn and Chrysta Stine
Mr. Matthew Superczynski
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Walker
Mr. Jerry Watson
Mr. Chris Bortner and Ms. Lori Rene Weyant
Mrs. Meghan Whitehurst
Mr. Dave Whitmore
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur and Angie Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick and Margaret Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Kimberly Yanavitch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Ann Zgorski

Circle of Friends ($500 - $999)

Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Angela Acampa
Access Bus & Van Sales
Ms. Nicole Allison
Alvare Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Charlesand Jill Anderson
Mr. Robert Baggatts
Baltimore Life Companies
Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Danielle Banks
Mr. and Mrs. Willliam and Alma Barker
Ms. Marion Behrens
Mr. and Mrs. Richie and Lisa Blue
Mr. Andrew Bobby
Mr. John Bovaird
Mr. Robert Bowen
Mr. Brian Burkhart
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan and Maria Burks
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Catherin Byrne
Mr. Louis Campion
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Sandy Carl
Carroll Care Pharmacies, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Jeanne Clifford
Mr. and Mrs. Blaise D’Ambrosio
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Desiree Dankowski
Mr. and Mrs. Harold and Lynn Davidov
Ms. Nancy DiPaola
Mr. and Ms. David Dvorak
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Kim Eckert
Ms. Joyce Fitch
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Flick
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Tracy Fraser
Dr. Frank Frassica
Mr. Steve Freeman
Ms. Mary Gerwin

Mr. Jay Golnoski
Mr. Matt Golueke
The Honorable Clifton Gordy
Mr. and Mrs. Henry and Susan Grandizio
Mr. and Mrs. Randy and Laura Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harro
Mr. and Mrs. David and Teresa Hebel
Mr. Riley Hobbs
Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Sara Hobson
Mr. and Mrs. John and Julia Huggins
Mr. Tim Hughes
Keystruct Construction Inc
Mr. Ronald Kin
Mr. RT Klamm and Mrs. Ceal Hayes
Ms. Meaghan Knapp
Ms. Pamela Kolb
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Kostrikin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Darlene Kuhn II
Mr. Robert Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Litrenta
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Cindy Lobach
Mr. John Loban
Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Deb LoDico
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lutter
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy and Elizabeth Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Wes and Jenna Mace
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Sue Maras
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Angela Marick
Marylnd State Council Knights of Columbus
Mr. Brian McCoy
Ms. Katie McGowan
Mr. Michael Metz
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Jacquelyn Milwicz
Mrs. Alex Montanio
Ms. Lindsay Moore
Mr. Eric Neiman
Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Jane Niedenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Lou and Nancy Noppenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Jon and Kathi Nuffer
Mr. and Mrs. Keith and Darlene Peterson
Ms. Elizabeth Phelan
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas and Lisa Rein
Dr. Joel Reiter
Mr. and Mrs. William and Kaitlin Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. John and Sandy Rolph
Dr. Polly Rost
Ms. Linda Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Leanne Schweitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn and Kimberly Silar
Dr. Rajesh Singal and Mrs. Brenda Singal
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon and Carol Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Deb Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Judy Spaulding
Ms. Lynne Sunderland
Mr. James and Mrs. Brigitte Sutherlin
Mr. Dylan Tonkin
Mr. Sean Tyszko
Dr. and Mrs. Mark and Marcia Wagner
Mr. Phil Weglein
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Kate Weglein
Mr. and Mrs. John and Robine Weisse
WellSpan Health
Ms. Diana Wheeler
Mrs. Claudette Wheeler and Mr. William Wells
Mr. John Xuereb
Mr. James Yates
Mr. and Mrs. Jay and Orsia Young
Mr. Graham Zifferer
Mr. and Mrs. David and Robin Zoll

Supporters ($100 - $499)

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ace
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Adams
Mr. Michael Adcock
Mr. and Mrs. Kulwant and Mohni Ahluwalia
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore and Meg Ahrendt
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon and Heather Akers
Ms. Sirena Alford
Alex Allman
Mr. James Anderson
Mr. Thomas Ardisana
Ms. Sharon Ardisana
Mr. and Mrs. John and Jane Armacost
Mr. H. Lee Bainbridge
Ms. Diane Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bare
Mr. Daniel Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Sarah Barley
Ms. Katherine Barnett
Mrs. Susan Barnhart
Mr. Milton A. Barrett Jr.
Mrs. Dorothy Barrett
Ms. Tera Baum
Bay Country Motors
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Maria Beamesderfer
Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Patricia van den Beemt
Mr. Dante Bellins
Mr. Greg Bennett
Mr. John Bertolaus
Mr. and Mrs. Hakan Beygo
Ms. Jessica Blais
Ms. Sharon Blough
Ms. Kappie Bogart
Mr. Thomas Bonvissuto
Mr. Aaron Bowers
Mr. Alexander Bozievich
Ms. Catherine Brady
Mr. Will Bragunier
Mrs. Gina Brelesky
Mr. Sean Brophy
Mr. and Mrs. John Brune
Mr. Connor Bruno
Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Karen Bullard
Mr. Robert Bullock
Ms. Deborah Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Sean and Christine Burns
Mr. Ryan Campisi
Mr. Carl Canatella
Ms. Andrea Carney
Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Erin Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Cynthia Cavanaugh
Mr. Kyle Chamberlin
Mr. John Chamberlin
Ms. Lacy Coates
Mrs. Christy Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Collins
Mr. Gary Cooper
Ms. Ally Cox
Mrs. Jeannie Craumer
Mr. and Mrs. John Crenshaw
Mrs. Danielle Creswell
Mrs. Liz Dauberman
Mr.. Gregory Davis
Mr. Mark Deitch
Mrs. Martha Dennemann
Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Colette Dixon
Dr. Vijay Dontu
Pat Ellis
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Poverni
Ms. Barbara Failla
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy and Lori Falkenstein
Ms. Jennifer Ferrara
Mr. Stephen Fitch
Mrs. Carolyn Fitzgerald
Mr. Samuel Fix
Mrs. Teresa Shultz-Fogelman
Mr. Fred Fogelman
Mr. Fred Foote
Mr. Jim Fowler
Ms. Rosalie A. Frank
Mr. Charles Franklin
Mr. Joseph Freeman
Ms. Janice Fulton
Ms. Emily Gallo
Ms. Natalie Gallo
Mrs. and Mr. Charlene Garrish
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Michelle Gemmill
Mrs. Diane Gieda
Ms. Caroline Gittings
Ms. Amanda Glenney
Mr. Ben Golueke
Mr. and Mrs. Luke and Lori Golueke
Rev. and Mrs. Raymond and Carol Good
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Gormley
Mr. Tim Grannan
Ms. Arlene Grimes
Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Bonnie Grizzell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Melanie Hady
Mrs. Janness Hagerich
Mrs. Ester Hale
Mr. Brent Halpin
Mr. Kenneth Hampton
Mr. Brendan Harman
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Harnett
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. James and Rebecca Heaton
Mr. and Admiral John and Penny Heisler
Mrs. Stacy Hieber
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hilyer
Mr. and Mrs. David and Jennifer Hisey
Ms. Jennifer Hobbs
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Penney Hoffman
Mr. Darryl Hogge
Ms. Carol Holewinski
Mr. William Holliway
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick and Nancy Hudson
Mr. John Hupp
Ms. Susan Hussey
Mr. and Mrs. David Jarrell
Mrs. Ruby Jarrett
Mr. John Jarrett
Dr. and Mrs. John and Brenda Jensen
Ms. Sandra Jett
Mr. Steven Johnston
Ms. Maria Jones
Mrs. Kimberly Kaltreider
Mr. John Kane
Mr. Joseph Kasher
Ms. Deborah Kastendike
Mr. Mike Kays
Ms. Frances Keenan
Mr. Mike Kelly
Mr. Charles Kidd
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kim
Westminster Kiwanis Club
Ms. Barbara Knauff
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Caroline Koluch
Mr. Larry Kouma
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Barbara Krall
Ms. Donna Kresslein
Mrs. So Yeon Kwon
Ms. Nicole Lark
Ms. Pamela Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Myles and Lisa Levin
Ms. Donna Lindner
Mr. Scott Litrenta
Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Abbie Little
Ms. Ana Maria Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Lotz
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Elizabeth Loucks
Mrs. Doris Lowe
Ms. Stephanie Lubitz
Mr. Harv Luongo
Ms. Elizabeth Lutter
Mr. Robert Marino
Mrs. Karen Markey
Mrs. Margaret Markline
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Marriah Barnett
Mr. Eugene Martz
Ms. Suzanne McConkey
Mr. Adam McConnell
Ms. Helen Merritt
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Jennifer Mettrick
Mr. Gary Michael
Mr. & Mrs. Michael DiMayo
Mr. Glenn Miller
Mr. Tim Miller
Ms. Dawn Mitzel
Mr. Mark Monaldi
Mr. Robert Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Moore
Ms. Carol Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Joy Morel
Mrs. Kimberly S. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Eleanor Mottern
Mr. Matthew Muench
Ms. Joanna Mulder
Mrs. and Mr. Tammy and David Naylor
Ms. Mary Neville
Sin Man Ng
Ms. Elizabeth Norman
Mr. Tyler and Mrs. Allegra Novotny
Ms. Agnes O’Ferrall
Mr. and Mrs. David Olchewsky
Ms. Leah Oler
Mr. Wilberforce Yeboah
Mr. and Mrs. John and Christine Otto
Mrs. Clara Paez
Ms. Renee Page
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Paternotte
Mrs. Margaret Mary Patti
Mr. Chad Paules
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Carol Petras
Mr. Thomas Pettis
Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Piel
Ms. Natalie Place
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Portera
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Postupak
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Melissa Price
Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Darlene Pruett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Donna Pullo
Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Amy Redding
Mr. Andrew Rees
Mr. Brian Rice
Mr. & Mrs. Rob Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Arlene Sacks
Mr. Stephen Salamon
Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Schauss
Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Olivia Schrodetzki
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schroeder
Dr. Amalia Seiguer
Ms. Cindy Seitz
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Cindy Shifrin
Ms. Susan Shipe
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Debbie Shockey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Martha Shriver
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Siewert
Mr. Charles Sikorsky
Mr. David Sills
Mrs. Jennifer Skelly
Mr. Paul Smeigh
Dr. and Mrs. Doug and Mary Smith
Ms. Susan Smith
Ms. Abby Sprinkel
Mrs. and Mr. Debra Stackhouse
Mr. Chuck Stembler
Mrs. and Mr. Jacquelyn Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. John Stoltz
Mr. Brad Stump
Ms. Sherri Suehle
Ms. Cynthia Sullivan
Mr. Thomas Summers
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Summers
Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Kara Summerson
Mrs. Tina Chan Sweenie
Mr. Matthew Swiger
Mr. Stephen Tansey
Mr. Tyler Tate
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund and Mary Taylor
Mr. Julian Tolbert
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tontala
Ms. Cira Vanreuth
Hare Varnon
Ms. Leila Vesper
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Viglione
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Vogelpohl
Ms. Pam Vucurevich
Ms. Cathy Weaver
Mr. Norman Weinstock
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Werner
Mrs. Kollyne M. Wetzel
Ms. Alexa Wheeler
Mrs. Vanessa Whitman
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wiesman
Mrs. Kathhryn Willey
Ms. Mary Lou Winter
Ms. Sarah Woods
Ms. Farrah Yaspe
Ms. Grace Yesmontas
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn and Pat Yingling
Ms. Carroll Yingling
Mrs. Tricia Zeltwanger
Mr. Greg Zgorski
Ms. Debra Zink
Mr. Thomas Zirpoli

Gifts in Memory

Each year Penn-Mar Human Services receives many gifts in memory of loved ones or friends.


Mr. Edward Bondura
Mr. Ralph Bosley
Mrs. Blanche Bull
Mr. Thomas Canatella
Mr. Timothy Dunn
Mrs. Shirley Fix
Mr. Charles Freeman
Dr. William R. Grill
Mr. William Hacke
Mr. George Harrison
Mr. Robert Hilbert
Mr. Eric Ryan Hoeck
Mrs. Shirley Hykes
Mr. Charles F. Kennerly
Mr. Jeffrey Kowalski
Mrs. Eileen Larrick
Mrs. Nellie Leaman
Mrs. Gilda Litrenta
Mr. Lawrence Litzinger
Mrs. Doris Lotz
Mr. Justin William Parsons
Mrs. Kimberly Pettis
Mrs. Rilene Pieper
Mrs. Thelma Reaver
Mrs. Gladys Remesch
Mrs. Norma Riegger
Mr. Snowden Rust
Mrs. Lori Watson

The Penn-Mar Foundation Endowed Funds

To date, the following donors have made generous commitments to one of The Penn-Mar Foundation Endowed Funds: The General Endowment, or The Michael James Pitts Endowment for the Advancement of Direct Support Professionals.


General Endowment
Mr. Max Blumenthal and Dr. Brenda Blumenthal
Mr. Jeffrey Brown and Mrs. B. Joy Keller-Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Chase
The Kinsley Family Foundation
New Standard Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. James Offutt
The Stewart Foundation


Michael J. Pitts Endowment for the Advancement of Direct Support Professionals
Mr. and Mrs. William Beazley
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Buttion
Mr. Ed Cozzolino and Ms. Kathleen McMahon
Mr. Joseph DiPaola and Mrs. Nancy DiPaola
Mrs. Lois Duscha
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn J. Frey Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gallo
Ms. Susan Gordes
Mr. Robert Hilbert
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Nuffer
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. James Offut
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Otto
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Pitts
Ms. Louise Schafer
Mr. and Mrs. W. David Stang
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Summerson
Ms. Claudette Wheeler and Mr. William Wells

Legacy Society

Members of this esteemed society have included Penn-Mar Human Services in their wills or as a beneficiary in their retirement plan, insurance policy, CD or bank account; others have established a charitable gift annuity or trust to benefit the organization.


Mrs. Betty Amspacher
Anonymous Donor
Mrs. Celina Bunker *
Mrs. Theo Capezio
Mr. John Frank *
Mr. Arthur Glatfelter *
Rev. and Mrs. Raymond and Carol Good
Ms. Susan Gordes
Mr. George Hand
Mr. Robert Hilbert and Mrs. Barbara Hilbert*
Ms. Barbara Knauff
Mrs. Ann Larkin
Mr. and Mrs. George and Susan Lavery
Mr. Joe Leckrone*and Mrs. Florence Leckrone
Mr. Eugene Martz
Mr. Alfred Michenzi
Ms. Patricia Middlecamp
Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Terri Miller
Mr. Charles D. Nickel
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Nuffer
Mr. and Mrs. James Offutt
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Otto
Mrs. Mary Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Peterson
Mr. Donald Putman* and Mrs. Evelyn Putman
Mrs. Jean C. Reider
Mr. and Mrs. Schrodetzki
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Marty Shriver
Drs. Rajesh and Brenda Singal
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Smith, Mr. Scott Smith
Mr. Will Streett
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Taylor
Mr. Harry Young* and Mrs. Betty Lou Young
Mrs. Helen Zeigler*

Customized Employers

Organizations listed below provide competitive integrated employment for the individuals Penn-Mar supports.


A&R Rental Center
Advanced Vein & Laser Center
Apple Car Wash Express
AVI Foodsystems at McDaniel College
Bank of America- Hunt Valley
BC Brewery Inc
Bear Paw
Biomedical Recovery Systems, LLC
BJ’s Wholesale Club
Bonkey’s Ice Cream & Snoballs
Books A Million – York
Brick Bodies – Lutherville
Brightview Assisted Living – Lutherville
Brothers Services Company-Hampstead
Buffalo Wild Wings
Burger King – New Freedom
California Pizza Kitchen – Hunt Valley
Caprichos Books
Carroll County Courthouse
Carroll Hospital- Life Bridge Health System
Central Bark
Central York School District – Hayshire Elementary
Central York School District – North Hills Elementary
Chick-Fil-A – Cockeysville
Chipotle Mexican Grill – Hunt Valley
Country Meadows Retirement Communities
Cracker Barrel – New Freedome
Dairy Queen – York
Dallastown Area Middle School
Dallastown Area School District
Dick’s Sporting Goods – Cockeysville
Edible Arrangements – Lutherville
Flowers by Cindy
Giant Food
Glatfelter Insurance Group
Gold’s Gym – Shrewsbury
Goodwill Retail Store and Donation Center-Hampstead
Gordon Recycling
Graul’s Market – Hereford
Hampton Inn
Hanover Area YMCA-South
Harford Community College
Home Depot – Shrewsbury
Home Goods – Hunt Valley
Independent Can Company
Independent Child Care – Self Employment
Independent Farm
Infinitos Pizza
Lion’s Pride Restaurant
Long View Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare
Manor Tavern
Maple Press
Maryland Print House
McDonald’s Restaurants
Medical Management & Rehabilitation Services
Montessori School Of Westminster
My Work of Art – Independent Artist – Self Employment
Nalley Fresh- Hunt Valley
NAPA Auto Parts-Hunt Valley
New Freedom VFW Post #7012
Northeastern School District
Olive Garden
Panera Bread
Peachbottom Elementary School
Perform Group LLC
PetSmart – Towson
Red Lion Area School District
Reisterstown Boarding Kennels, Resort & Spa
Royal Farms – Hunt Valley
Sample Express
Sassy Sarah’s Scents – Self Employment
Schmuck Lumber – Hanover
ShopRite of Jacksonville
ShopRite of Timonium
Smith Village Home Furnishings
Snavely Forest Products
Sons Of Sicily
South Eastern School District – Delta Peachbottom Elementary
South Eastern School District – Intermediate
South Eastern School District – Stewartstown Elementary
South Western School District
Summit Building Services INC.
Summit Grove Camp
Taco Bell
Texas Roadhouse
Wegmans – Hunt Valley
Wendy’s Restaurant
West Liberty Child Development Center
Wolfgang Confectioners
YMCA – Downtown York Branch
YMCA – Southern Branch
York Ice Arena
York Imperial Plastics


Michael Mahon

Chief Financial Officer


Jennifer Mettrick

Chief Strategy Officer


Gregory T. Miller

President & Chief Executive Officer


Kathy Rogers

Chief Advancement Officer, Penn-Mar Human Services
Executive Director, Penn-Mar Foundation


Paul Schiavone

Chief Human Resources Officer

Jackie Stevens

Chief Operating Officer




Douglas A. Rein, Chair

William T. Yanavitch, II, Vice-Chair

Paul Shifrin, Treasurer

Kristine A. Crosswhite, Secretary


Dr. James Ball

Marriah Barnett

Bruce Bartels

Timothy W. Chase

Jill Golueke

Denise Hargrove

Julia Huggins

Joy Keller-Brown

Jonathan Kinsley

Robert Kuntz

Elizabeth Pitts-Madonna

Chrysta R. Stine

Matthew Superczynski

Robin Weisse

Robert Zerance, Jr.

Robert Zgorski

Morton F. Zifferer, Jr.


Anthony Gallo, Chair

Elizabeth Pitts-Madonna, Vice-Chair

Jonathan Kinsley, Treasurer

Jill Golueke, Secretary

Bruce Bartels

Max Blumenthal

Timothy Chase, Investment Committee Chair

Kristine A. Crosswhite

Christy Cohen

Joe DiPaola

Gary Gilbert

Julia Huggins

FY20 Financials

Statement of Activities:


Grants & Fees for Services


Client Fees


Contributions & Pledges


Other Income


Total Income

Program Services Wages & Benefits


Other Program Services Expenses




Management & General Expenses


Total Expenses

Statement of Financial Position:

Total Assets




Total Net Assets

The Revenue listed above does not include a one time gain of $3,203,000 from the business combination with Change, Inc.

For a complete copy of our audited financial statements, please contact: