Penn-Mar: Focused on the Future Annual Report 2021

A Letter from Our CEO

Dear Friends,


In many ways, 2021 was one of the most significant and noteworthy years in Penn-Mar Human Services’ history. Despite yet another twelve months of uncertainty and challenges brought on by the pandemic, our organization underwent some substantial changes.


We marked our 40th anniversary by unveiling a new website, logo, branding, and the bold new tagline Live Courageously, words that truly encompass our philosophy. We also welcomed guests to our 29th annual Gala in June, held outdoors as well as online for the first time. The event was a major success and illustrates the incredible and undying generosity of our loyal sponsors and community. And perhaps most importantly, we made the deliberate decision to increase the starting hourly wage of our fantastic Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) to $15.50 per hour, a significantly higher entry-level wage compared to the national average for DSP compensation.


But while any one of those accomplishments would be cause for major celebration even in a normal year, for us and every member of our team, success is measured by answering a simple question: did we do everything we could to improve the lives of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities?


Every day at Penn-Mar, we reflect on the work we’re doing, and the innovations being created, taking a hard look at whether the plans and processes put in place are serving our community in the best way possible. Are people benefiting from our work? What are we doing tomorrow? And most importantly, how can we help even more people? Only by asking these introspective questions on a consistent basis can we really improve upon our mission.


This constant self-reflection is one reason why when we evaluate this past year, we are not focused on what we were able to accomplish in the face of the pandemic, but what the pandemic prevented us from accomplishing. Due to health and safety protocols and workforce challenges, some individuals and their families were left without the opportunities we may otherwise be able to offer. And though we are in a much better place than in 2020, we’re still nowhere near pre-pandemic levels in terms of operations and programming. We are actively doing everything we can to safely and strategically return to that level of support.


But the support is only possible because of the team here at Penn-Mar, a group of people we are honored to call colleagues and friends. Working for Penn-Mar is not a job or career, but a calling that attracts a very special kind of person who values compassion and care for others above all else. Without the DSPs and other essential team members on our staff, nothing we do would be possible.


So, while it would be easy to reflect on 2021 and consider it a “success,” we look at the past year as a chance to learn and gain insight into how we can make 2022 even better. Each day this year will bring with it a new opportunity to do more, give more, help more, and to always live courageously.

Greg Miller-new-color

Gregory T. Miller

President & CEO

Doug Rein-new-color
Douglas A. Rein

Board Chair

Our Impact


People with disabilities directly supported by Penn-Mar
(not including those receiving respite services)

Maryland – 226
Pennsylvania – 162


Direct Support Professionals currently participating
in our Career Ladders Program

Graduates – 33
Certified – 70
Of those certified, percent retained – 82%



Team members

receiving 751 hours of leadership training
(which goes above-and-beyond job and regulatory trainings)


Raised by our Annual Gala
(despite limited attendance due to COVID-19)

Proceeds support innovative services for people with disabilities



People with disabilities employed

at 86 area businesses


Homes operated by Penn-Mar

Maryland – 30
Pennsylvania – 25
Respite – 2



Low Intensity Support Services

 Provided to 1,312 people with disabilities


New visitors to our website
(within the first 6 months of re-launch)

Just One Conversation


Susannah Gillespie, Fitness Manager at the York JCC, began her relationship with Penn-Mar after a conversation with Rita Arnett. At the time, Rita was a Residential Supervisor who was looking for personal training for Bobbi and Lesha, two ladies she supported, who wanted to focus on their health and fitness goals.


Lesha and Bobbi couldn’t have landed a better trainer than Susannah, whose passionate belief that fitness is for everyone is obvious to anyone who meets her. As Susannah learned more about the demands placed on DSPs and the challenges of the profession, she was further inspired to design sessions for organizations like Penn-Mar, for both DSPs and the people they support, enabling them to workout in either their homes or workplaces.


Susannah took just one conversation and used it as a catalyst to find new and innovative ways to support people with disabilities, their Direct Support Professionals, and our community.


Just One Person


Over this past year, Residential Supervisor Marlo Saunders has met challenge after challenge head-on.


When the home she supports was affected by COVID, she did what her Program Manager Alyssa Albright says she always does, “Marlo rolled up her sleeves and got to work. She adapted to the COVID schedule with no complaint and ensured that the people she supports were kept safe and healthy in what could have been a very stressful time.”


Though Marlo is just one person, her above-and-beyond actions impacted dozens of lives, including those of the people she supports, their loved ones, and her colleagues. Her teamwork, dedication, and most importantly, heart for others all contribute to her immeasurable impact.

Just One Connection


Brian Honeychuck, a 23-year-old gentleman with Down syndrome, had a banner year. Thanks to just one connection, over the summer Brian landed a job at Sheetz, the family-owned convenience store chain. Penn-Mar’s Career Counselor Tricia Zeltwanger was approached by a retired human services professional, Stephen Martynuska. Stephen was hired as a consultant by Sheetz to create an initiative to help the company enhance its hiring of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities across their 600-plus stores.


Brian’s supervisor, Lisa Reichow, was the first in York to participate in the pilot program. “I was so grateful to be a test for this program. My nephew had gone to Penn-Mar, so it means a lot to me.”


It means a lot to Brian, too, who says, “Working at Sheetz is like a family.” Thanks to just one connection, not only does Brian’s career path look bright, but so do the careers of many other future Sheetz employees with disabilities.

Just One Idea


Every year, David Stang makes the trek up from Tennessee to Maryland. He camps out for a weekend in the Maryland Line Volunteer Fire Department parking lot, where he sells out of one-of-a-kind Jack Daniels woodworked products, with all proceeds going to Penn-Mar. What’s become a widely anticipated annual event started with just one idea several years ago.


David’s brother Murray was supported by Penn-Mar for 13 years before he sadly passed away in 2018. One of the ways David honors Murray’s memory is through this unique fundraiser. Upon David’s retirement from Jack Daniels, he had an idea . . . what if he repurposed used Jack Daniels whiskey barrels and sold them as a fundraiser? After receiving permission from his former employer, David got to work, raising over $30,000 and counting for Penn-Mar.


Penn-Mar has given my brother opportunities that we could never have provided for him on our own. He has friends, enjoys outings in the communities, has been on island cruises, and from many years of participating in the Day Program, has developed a love for painting and creating artwork. His life at Penn-Mar has been so enriching. When he visits with us, he always tells us when he is ready to go ‘home.’ His home at Penn-Mar. Thank you Penn-Mar for giving our family peace of mind, knowing that our brother is so well cared for.


– Stephanie Aspey, Penn-Mar Family & Advocate

Penn-Mar Foundation

Throughout the past two years, the same questions have continued to take center stage: Are we safe? When will we get back to normal? Is the pandemic coming to an end? Though the answers continue to elude us, we have gained insight into how we can carefully adapt to the constant uncertainty and change. In another year of a global pandemic that has uprooted every facet of our lives, Penn-Mar has been able to stay true to our mission and accomplish some wonderful goals.


You, and your unwavering support, have made this possible.


As we approached 2021, the Penn-Mar Foundation team knew that being agile and fluid would be crucial in accomplishing many of our objectives. Ideas that would’ve been considered unorthodox during any other year were adopted to create new possibilities and overcome challenges. A perfect example that encapsulates this determination was the 2021 Gala, our 29th annual. Traditionally held in March, the event is our most vital fundraiser, accounting for 40% of the year’s private revenue. But with safety as our top priority, the Penn-Mar team needed to rethink last year’s event while still offering a fun and inspirational experience.


By moving the date to June 5th, we were able to hold the Gala outdoors on a lovely spring evening, welcoming nearly as many guests as in years past. Simultaneously, we offered an online “Party in Place” experience for guests to attend virtually from their homes. The result was a massive hit. 350 people attended in person, another 200 joined us digitally, and we raised over $700,000. In addition to being our first outdoor event, the 2021 Gala made history in another very significant way: we reached our Special Appeal goal of $150,000 live, during the event, for the first time! In all other previous years, the Special Appeal was always reached in the days or weeks after the Gala. We are humbled by the continued support from you, our community, even in the face of the new and unknown.


It’s because of your assistance that we can continue to lay the groundwork for a future full of even greater possibility and innovations. Yes, we could do a “good” job utilizing only state and federal funds, but as you know, Penn-Mar has never been in the business of only being good when great is within reach. And though we achieved an incredible amount in 2021, none of it matters if the people we support and their loved ones are not receiving the assistance they need.


As you will see in this year’s report, 2021 did indeed deliver some exceptional results and afforded us the chance to better assist our team and those to whom they are dedicated. Below are a few of the historic accomplishments that the Foundation experienced in the past year:


  1. Total net assets increased dramatically, by more than 50% to $12 million, the highest number in our 40-year history and largest ever one-year gain
  2. Assets under management rose from roughly $6.5 million to nearly $10.5 million, another historic one-year increase
  3. Funded the “Career Leaders” program with $200,000, delivering an 82% retention rate among participating DSPs
  4. Provided emergency financial assistance to 10 team members


But this success doesn’t mean we’ll ever stop thinking of new ways to make a difference for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. If you’re reading this letter, you know all too well that Penn-Mar is a group that never rests on our laurels, no matter our past collective achievements. Each new day is another chance to do better and the incredible support you have provided us further fuels our desire for an even brighter tomorrow.

Kathy Rogers_B-new-color
Kathy Rogers

Executive Director, Penn-Mar Foundation

Elizabeth Pitts-Madonna-cropped
Elizabeth Pitts-Madonna

Foundation Board Chair


Thank You to Our Supporters

Penn-Mar Human Services and the Penn-Mar Foundation rely on the generosity of our community to support people to live courageously in pursuit of their best life. In FY 2021, more than 600 individuals and organizations made charitable donations totaling more than $4 million. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the list of donors. If we have inadvertently misspelled or omitted your name, please accept our apologies, and contact the Advancement Department at 410.343.1069 so we can correct our records.

Penn-Mar Human Services Circle of Donors

Represented on this list are the individuals who contributed more than $100 and businesses/organizations that contributed $500 or more to benefit Penn-Mar Human Services between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. If you would like to become a member of the Circle of Donors, learn more at

Founders Circle ($100,000 or more)

The Arthur J and Lee R Glatfelter Foundation
Glatfelter Insurance Group
The Kinsley Foundation
Mr. Jonathan Kinsley and Mrs. Pam Kinsley
Mrs. Beth Pitts-Madonna and Mr. Carlo Madonna
Powder Mill Foundation
The Stewart Foundation
The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Mike Zgorski and Mrs. Dawn Zgorski

Chairman's Circle ($50,000 - $99,999)

Mr. Anthony Campisi and Mrs. Stefanie Campisi
Mr. Anthony P. Gallo and Mrs. Wendy Gallo
Mr. Gary M. Gilbert and Mrs. Karen Gilbert
The Kahlert Foundation, Inc.
PeoplesBank, a Codorus Valley Company

Leadership Circle ($25,000 - $49,999)

Aegon Transamerica Foundation
Capt. Joe DiPaola
Mr. Stephen Golueke and Mrs. Jill Golueke
Kinsley Construction
Children of Harvey M. and Lyn P. Meyerhoff Philanthropic Fund
Mr. Gregory T. Miller and Mrs. Terri Miller
Mr. James F. Pitts and Mrs. Kay Pitts
Mrs. Katherine Rogers-Lang and Mr. Michael Lang*
Mrs. Jacquelyn Stevens and Mr. Scott Stevens
Mr. Michael V. Summers and Mrs. Jacquelyn I. Summers
Mr. Kevin P. Summerson and Mrs. Claudia Summerson
United Way of York County
Mr. William Yanavitch and Mrs. Kimberly Yanavitch

Investor's Circle ($10,000 - $24,999)

Mr. Bruce Bartels and Mrs. Ramona Li
Mr. William B. Beazley and Mrs. Mary A. Beazley
Brown Advisory Group
Mr. Timothy W. Chase and Mrs. Carol Chase
Mr. Joe Crosswhite and Mrs. Kris Crosswhite
Grandizio, Wilkins, Little & Matthews
Dr. David Hilbert and Ms. Jan Cassadei
Mr. Robert E. Loomis and Mrs. Mary Loomis
M & T Bank and M & T Charitable Foundation
New Standard Corporation, Inc.
Mr. Perry Offutt and Mrs. Ellen Offutt
Mr. Michael Rudnick and Mrs. Eileen Rudnick
Mrs. Amy Seto
Shipley Energy
Mr. Michael F. Shriver and Mrs. Marty Shriver
Mr. W. David Stang and Mrs. Robin Stang
Mr. J. Edward Yates* and Mrs. Melodee Yates
Mr. Morton F. Zifferer and Mrs. Carolyn Zifferer

Heroes Circle ($5,000 - $9,999)

Anchor Pharmacy & Medical Supplies and Carroll Care Pharmacies, LLC
Dr. James Ball
Baltimore Community Foundation
Barley Snyder, LLC
Mr. Jim Carr and Mrs. Judith Carroll
Carroll County Community College
Dimensional Health Care Associates, Inc.
Jack Giambalvo Family of Dealerships
Mr. Tim Harrington and Mrs. Robin Harrington
Mrs. Tammy Jordan
Keller-Brown Insurance Services
Mr. Jim Kennedy and Mrs. Nancy Kennedy
Koons Toyota – Westminster
Trust of Donald Marks
Mrs. Sarah Marks
Ms. Amy Matthias
Members 1st Federal Credit Union
Merritt Properties
Mrs. Jennifer Mettrick and Mr. Mark Mettrick
Mr. Paul W. Minnich and Mrs. Donna Minnich
Mr. John Nussle and Mrs. Jamie Nussle
PNC Bank
PNC Foundation
Ridge Engineering
Ms. Kathy Rodas
Mr. Paul Schiavone and Mrs. Dolores Schiavone
Mr. Paul Shifrin and Mrs. Cindy Shifrin
Mr. Matt Superczynski and Mrs. Jamie Superczynski
Mr. Tim Taggart and Mrs. Victoria Taggart
TESSCO Technologies, Inc.
Mr. Will Thompson
Senator Scott Wagner and Mrs. Tracy Wagner
Wellspan Health
WMS Partners

Champions Circle ($1,000 - $4,999)

The ARC of Maryland
Ms. Anita Alvare-Gaynor
Apple Retail Properties
Mrs. Stephanie L. Aspey and Mr. Chris Aspey
Mrs. Deborah Awalt
Bakery Express
Ms. Diane Baum
Tom and Kathy Bendheim Foundation
Mr. Joe Boan and Mrs. Heidi Boan
Mrs. Linda Borgmann
Mr. John Brelesky and Mrs. Gina Brelesky
Mr. Brian Burkhart
Dr. Stephen Cameron and Mrs. Sharon Cameron
Mr. Kevin Carl and Mrs. Sandy Carl
Mr. Bob Carpenter
Mr. Randy Carper
Carroll Hospital
Mrs. Jamie Casella and Mr. Jonathan Casella
Chesapeake Employers Insurance
Cranbrook Liquors
Cultural Alliance of York County
Mrs. Charlene D’Agati and Mr. Paul D’Agati
Mr. Henry C. Dobbs
Mr. William Eshler and Mrs. Pam Eshler
Exelon Foundation
Mr. Mark Figley and Mrs. Pam Figley
Mrs. Lorreelee Filius and Mr. Joel Filius
The Fill’Er-Up
Mr. Donald Fox
Mr. Kevin Gapstur
Mr. Gary Gilbert, Sr.* and Mrs. Karyl Lee Gilbert
Ms. Susan C. Gordes
Colonel (Ret.) Michael A. Hamilton and Mrs. Rebecca Hamilton
Mrs. Denise Hargrove and Dr. Todd E. Phillips
Ms. Jennifer Hobbs
Mr. Greg Hobson
Mr. Brooks Hoffman
Ms. Maureen Honeychuck
Dr. James D. Isett
Mrs. Brooke Jones
Edward Jones Investments
Bill Kidd’s Toyota
Mr. Robert Kuntz
Lehman Volvo Cars
Mr. Jeff Lobach
Mr. Michael Loban and Mrs. Margaret Loban and Mr. John Loban
Mr. Mike Lopez and Mrs. Amy Lopez
Mr. John Mangione
McCormick & Co. Inc
Ms. Kathleen M. McMahon
Ms. Patricia C. Middlecamp
Miles & Stockbridge
Mr. Tim Miller
Tom and Fran Miller Foundation
Mrs. Marilouise P. Moore
Mr. Gary Mott
Mrs. Frances Nussle
Orrstown Bank
Mr. John K. Otto and Mrs. Christine E. Otto
Ms. Mitzi Perry
Mr. Philip (Tony) Piermatteo
Mr. Jeff Poet and Mrs. Joan Poet
Quality DOT
Mrs. Jean C. Reider
Mr. Douglas Rein and Mrs. Lisa Rein
Mr. William Rogers and Mrs. Kaitlin Boswell-Rogers
Dr. Polly Rost
Sage Custom Homes
Mrs. Maura Schauss
Dr. Amalia Seiguer
Shrewsbury True Value Plus
Mr. Scott Steinmetz
Mrs. Amy Sullivan
Tevis Energy, Inc.
Mr. Julian Tolbert and Mrs. Jolene Tolbert
Ms. Oksana Tsimmerman
Mr. Todd Tyson
Mrs. Amy Uzarowski
Mr. Jim Wade and Ms. Alisa Rock
Ms. Diane Weglein
Mr. Jim Weglein
Ms. Claudette R. Wheeler and Mr. Bill Wells
Mr. Roger Wittenbach and Mrs. Jan Wittenbach
Mr. Arthur Wolf and Mrs. Angie Wolf
Mr. Robert Zgorski
Mr. Graham Zifferer and Mrs. Elizabeth Zifferer
JG and AS Zimmerman Foundation

Circle of Friends ($500 - $999)

Ms. Nicole Allison
Ms. Sharon Ardisana
Mr. Willliam Barker and Mrs. Alma Barker
Ms. Katherine Barnett
Mrs. Cheryl Barrows and Mr. Kevin Barrows
Mr. Brendan Beazley
Mrs. Ginger Beigel and Mr. Douglas A. Beigel
Ms. Sharon Blough
Mr. Thomas Bond and Mrs. Beth Bond
Mr. Alexander Bozievich
Mr. Brian Brunner
Mr. Mike R. Cox and Mrs. Wendy Cox
Mrs. Lynn Davidov
Mr. Joe Dimaggio
Ms. Nancy DiPaola
Mr. Steve Eckert and Mrs. Kim Eckert
Mr. Joseph Ensor
Ms. Mary Foster Boeh
Ms. Alexis Frey and Mr. Glenn J. Frey
Mrs. Charlene F. Garrish and Mr. Edward J. Garrish
Mr. Michael Gemmill
Ms. Victoria Georgetti
Glass Distributors Inc
Glens Auto, Inc
Mr. Jay Golnoski
Rev. Raymond B. Good and Mrs. Carol Good
Mr. Harold C. Green
Mr. Terrance Harrigan and Mrs. Donna Harrigan
Mrs. Amy Harrington
Mr. David M. Hebel and Mrs. Teresa Hebel
Mr. Tom Henson
Mrs. Carol Hovis
Mrs. Julia Huggins and Mr. John Huggins
J. Barry Hughes
Ms. Dana Johnson
Mr. Kent Ketterman and Mrs. Tawn Ketterman
Mr. Albert Kim
Mr. Timothy Kinsley
Mr. Steve Krall and Mrs. Barbara Krall
Mr. Keith H. Litrenta
Mr. Brian McCoy and Mrs. Patricia McCoy
Mr. Michael Metz and Mrs. Amy Metz
Mr. John Mihal and Mrs. Susan Mihal
Mr. Matthew Muench
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Poverni and Someya Poverni
Mr. Robert Pullo and Mrs. Donna Pullo
Mrs. Meredith Quinn and Mr. Thomas R. Quinn, Jr.
Mr. Paul J. Rock and Mr. Fran Rock
Ms. Linda Schneider
Mrs. Julia Sessa and Mr. Tom Sessa
Mrs. Kimberly Silar
Mrs. Deb Snyder and Mr. Ken Snyder
Mr. Andy Spears
Mrs. Christine Sprinkel and Mr. David Sprinkel
Mr. Robert Suggs and Mrs. Lisa Dornell
Mr. Doug Summerson and Mrs. Kara Summerson
Summerson & Allerman, P.C.
Mr. James S. Taylor and Mrs. Patti D. Taylor
Mr. Sean and Mrs. Sara Tyszko
Ms. Anna Viglione
Dr. Mark Wagner
Mr. Al Weber
Weisse Miller Law Group, LLP
Ms. Lori Rene Weyant and Mr. Chris Bortner
Ms. Diana L. Wheeler
White Rose Leadership Institute
Mrs. Orsia Young and Mr. Jay Young

Supporters ($100 - $499)

Mr. Bryan A. Adams and Mrs. Karen Adams
Mr. Michael T. Adcock
Mr. Theodore Ahrendt and Mrs. Margaret Ahrendt
Ms. Anne Antiskay
Mrs. Debbie Ashway
Ms. Eugenia M. Atkins
Mr. H Lee Bainbridge
Ms. Amy Baker
Mr. Arnie Barnett
Mr. Peter H. Barrows
Ms. Judy Beam
Mr. Gary Beard
Mr. Pete Becker
Ms. Laura Becker
Ms. Marion D. Behrens
Mr. John R. Bell
Ms. Kathryn Bendheim
Mr. Greg Bennett
Mr. Robert Billheimer
Mr. Steve Bishop
Ms. Jes Blais
Mary Bolek
Maricel Border
Mr. Scott Borgmann, Jr.
Mrs. Brenda Boudreau
Mr. Michael J. Bradley and Mrs. Theresa G. Bradley
Ms. Catherine Brady
Ms. Sarah M. Brown
Mr. Jim Bruno and Mrs. Nina Bruno
Ms. Neila Burrows
Mrs. Donna Byrne Bare and Mr. Christopher Bare
Ms. Ellen Cabral
Mr. Tony Campisi Jr. and Mrs. Courtney Campisi
Ms. Shirley Canninng
Mr. Charles Carlson
Ms. Andrea Carney
Mr. Mike Carr
Mr. Timothy Carr
Ms. Susan Cellitto
Ms. Ellie Chamberlin
Mr. Kenneth Chamberlin and Mrs. Robin Chamberlin
Mrs. Christy Cohen
Lowell Cole II
Mrs. Christine Collins
Ms. Allyson Cox
Mrs. Jeannie Craumer and Mr. Tony W. Craumer
Ms. Francesca Cristofari
Cloice S. Damario
Mrs. Liz Dauberman
Mrs. Joan Daugherty
Ms. Susan Davidson-Linton
Ms. Sonia Davis
Ms. Sherri Denker
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dimayo
Mrs. Colette Dixon
Mr. James Downey
Mrs. Lois V. Duscha
Mr. Frank Eastman and Mrs. Betsy Eastman
Dr. Dennis Eaton and Mrs. Nikki Eaton
Ms. Jennifer Erdman
Ms. Jennifer Ferrara
Mrs. Carol Ferraro and Mr. Charles Ferraro
Mr. Jesse Fix and Mrs. Shirley Fix
Mrs. Anne L. Fleck and Mr. William Fleck
Mr. Robert Fletcher and Mrs. Debbie Fletcher
Mr. Daniel Flick and Mrs. Caroline Pacunas-flick
Ms. Johanna Fong
Ms. Rosalie A. Frank
Mr. Steven H. Freeman
Mr. Donald Fries
Ms. Janice A. Fulton
Ms. Nancy Gibson
Mrs. Diane Gieda
Mrs. Erin Gladfelter
Ms. Amanda Glenney
Mr. Charlie Goldsmith
Ms. Laura Graver
Mr. Steve Gross
Mr. Anthony Gruppo
Ms. Elaine Hagner
Ms. Deborah Hill
Mrs. Jennifer Hisey and Mr. Dave M. Hisey
Mr. Michael Hoffman and Mrs. Penney Hoffman
Ms. Carol Holewinski
Ms. Deborah Holmes
Ms. Jennifer Howell
Mr. Frederick M. Hudson and Mrs. Nancy K. Hudson
Mr. John Jarrett and Mrs. Ruby Jarrett
Ms. Jen Jefferson
Mrs. Brenda Jensen
Mrs. Sandra Jett
Mrs. Kathy A. Jewell and Mr. Clarence E. Jewell
Mr. Greg Kahlert
Ms. Frances Kasher
Mr. Graham Kastendike and Mrs. Deborah Kastendike
Ms. Stephanie Kaufman
Mr. Dale R. Keagy
Mrs. B. Joy Keller-Brown and Mr. Jeffrey A. Brown
Mr. Ronald Kin
Ms. Barbara Knauff
Ms. Susie Koehler
Mrs. Debra Kopey
Mrs. Jackie Kubala
Ms. Kim A. Kucherer
Mr. Robert Kuhn and Mrs. Darlene Kuhn
Ms. Barbara Larue
Mrs. Susan C. Lavery
Mr. David Lawrence
Ms. Pamela Lee
Mr. Philip Levinson and Mrs. Winnie Levinson
Mr. Scott Litrenta
Mr. Kenneth Loucks and Mrs. Elizabeth Loucks
Mr. William Ludwig
Mrs. Elizabeth Roni Lynch and Mr. Timothy Lynch
Mr. Paul Marick and Mrs. Angela Marick
Mrs. Karen Markey
Ms. Carol Markle
Montse Mataro
Ms. Cindy McKowen
Ms. Mary Ann McMorrow
Ms. Dorothy Merker
Mr. Carl S. Merrill and Mrs. Peg G. Merrill
Mr. Rod Messick
Dr. Jim Miller and Mrs. Jeanie Miller
Mr. Barry Mitzel and Mrs. Dawn Mitzel
Mr. Mark P. Monaldi
Ms. Angela Moore
Mr. Robert E. Moore and Mrs. Patricia Moore
Mr. Brian Motway
Mrs. Joan Mummert
Dr. Andy Naymick and Mrs. Stephanie Naymick
Mr. Ed Nowottnick
Mr. Jon R. Nuffer and Mrs. Kathi A. Nuffer
E. Colton O’Donoghue
Mr. John O’Ferrall
Ms. Leah J. Oler
Mr. Joseph O’Neill and Mrs. Mary Anne O’Neill
Mr. Meyur Patel
Mrs. Virginia Patterson and Mr. Richard M. Patterson
Mrs. Margaret Peak
Ms. Veronica Perrigan
Mr. Keith R. Peterson and Mrs. Darlene Peterson
Mr. Hunter Piel
Ms. Natalie Place
Mr. Mike Postupak
Mr. James M. Powers and Mrs. Nancy Powers
Mr. Richard F. Price
Ms. Jennifer Purcell
Mr. Gerald Rachanow
Mr. Justin Ready
Mrs. Julie Ream
Ms. Marcia Reihart
Mrs. Sandy Rolph and Mr. John Rolph
Mrs. Rena Russell
Ms. Louise Schafer
Mrs. Olivia Schrodetzki and Mr. Fred Schrodetzki
Mr. Mike Seim and Mrs. Rosa Seim
Ms. Dinah Seisman
Mrs. Becky Senft and Mr. Greg Senft
Mr. Aaron Shifrin
Ms. Susan Shipe
Ms. Nancy Simpson and Mr. Charles M. Franklin
Mr. William B. Sinclair and Mrs. Mary Sinclair
Mr. Ernest Smith
Mr. Doug Smith and Mrs. Rebecca Smith
Mr. Mike Springer
Mr. Jason St. John
Mr. Tyler Stackhouse and Mrs. Debra Stackhouse
Ms. Pam Staley
Ms. Elizabeth Sterling
Mr. Dave Stewart
Mrs. Chrysta R. Stine and Mr. Shawn A. Stine
Mrs. Kim Stoltz
Mr. James Stuart
Ms. Madison Summers
Mr. Bruce W. Summers and Mrs. Mary L. Summers
Mr. Thomas S. Summers
Mr. Darren Surdich
Mrs. Margaret Swartz and Mr. William H. Swartz
Mr. Tyler A. Tate
Mrs. Mary B. Taylor
Ms. Laura Tieman
Mr. Gus Torres
Mr. Eric van den Beemt and Mrs. Patricia van den Beemt
Mr. Steven Verstandig and Mrs. Stacey Verstandig
Ms. Cathy Weaver
Mr. Edward A. Werner and Mrs. Dodie L. Werner
Ms. Kollyne M. Wetzel
Ms. Alexa Wheeler
Mrs. Vanessa Whitman
Ms. Lindsay Whitney
Mr. Lawrence Whitney
Ms. Anna Windle
Ms. Mary Ann Winkelman
Ms. Tanya Wojtulewicz
Ms. Sarah Woods
Mrs. Nancy Yates
Mr. Shawn Yingling and Mrs. Pat Yingling
Mr. Jason Youngblood
Mr. George Zeitler
Mrs. Tricia Zeltwanger
Mr. Greg Zgorski
Ms. Theresa Zgorski

Gifts in Memory

Each year Penn-Mar Human Services receives many gifts in memory of loved ones or friends.


Patricia Leffel Anderson
Daniel Beres
David Butcher
Gary Dean Cooper
Richard Crone
Barry Fee
Joseph Galantino
Keith Hart
Daniel Inde
Jeff Kowalski
Florence Leckrone
Ali Lugo
Kevin Long
Catherine Meyd
Mary Rash
Steven Stough
Gary Swisher
Charles Whitcomb
Allison Zgorski

The Penn-Mar Foundation Endowed Funds

To date, the following donors have made generous commitments to one of The Penn-Mar Foundation Endowed Funds: The General Endowment, The Michael James Pitts Endowment for the Advancement of Direct Support Professionals, or The Zgorski Family Endowment for the Penn-Mar Staff Training and Aid Fund.


General Endowment
Mr. Bruce Bartels and Ms. Ramona Li
Mr. Max Blumenthal and Dr. Brenda Blumenthal
Mr. Jeffrey Brown and Mrs. B. Joy Keller-Brown
Mr. Timothy Chase and Mrs. Carol Chase
Mr Gary Gilbert and Mrs. Karen Gilbert
The Kinsley Family Foundation
Mr. Gregory T. Miller and Mrs. Terri Miller
New Standard Corporation
Mr. James Offutt and Mrs. Bardelle Offutt
Mrs. Katherine Rogers-Lang
The Stewart Foundation
Mrs. Jacquelyn Summers and Mr. Michael Summers


Michael J. Pitts Endowment for the Advancement of Direct Support Professionals

Mr. William Beazley and Mrs. Mary Beazley
Mr. Lester Buttion and Mrs. Debra Buttion
Mr. Ed Cozzolino and Ms. Kathleen McMahon
Capt. Joseph DiPaola
Mrs. Nancy DiPaola
Mrs. Lois Duscha
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn J. Frey Jr.
Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Wendy Gallo
Ms. Susan Gordes
Mr. Robert Hilbert
The Kinsley Foundation
Mr. Nathaniel Marting and Mrs. Martha Martin
Children of Harvey M. and Lyn P. Meyerhoff Philanthropic Fun
Mr. Jon Nuffer and Mrs. Kathi Nuffer
Mr. Mike Lopez and Mrs. Amy Lopez
Mr. James Offutt and Mrs. Bardelle Offutt
Mr. John Otto and Mrs. Christine Otto
Mrs. Beth Pitts-Madonna and Mr. Carlo Madonna
Mr. James Pitts and Mrs. Kay Pitts
Mr. Michael Rudnick
Ms. Louise Schafer
Mr. Michael Shriver and Mrs. Marty Shriver
Mr. W. David Stang and Mrs. Robin Stang
Mrs. Jacquelyn Stevens and Mr. Scott Stevens
Mr. Kevin Summerson and Mrs. Claudia Summerson
Ms. Claudette Wheeler and Mr. William Wells


The Zgorski Family Endowment for the Penn-Mar Staff Training and Aid Fund
Mr. Gary Mott
Mr. Michael and Dawn Zgorski

Legacy Society

Members of this esteemed society have included Penn-Mar Human Services in their wills or as a beneficiary in their retirement plan, insurance policy, CD or bank account; others have established a charitable gift annuity or trust to benefit the organization.


Mrs. Betty Amspacher
Mrs. Celina Bunker *
Mrs. Theo Capezio
Mr. John Frank *
Mr. Arthur Glatfelter *
Rev. and Mrs. Raymond and Carol Good
Ms. Susan Gordes
Mr. George Hand
Mr. Robert Hilbert and Mrs. Barbara Hilbert*
Ms. Barbara Knauff
Mrs. Ann Larkin
Mr. and Mrs. Geroge and Susan Lavery
Mr. Joe Leckrone*and Mrs. Florence Leckrone
Mr. Eugene Martz
Mr. Alfred Michenzi
Ms. Patricia Middlecamp
Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Terri Miller
Mr. Charles D. Nickel
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Nuffer
Mr. and Mrs. James Offutt
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Otto
Mrs. Mary Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Peterson
Mr. Donald Putman* and Mrs. Evelyn Putman
Mrs. Jean C. Reider
Mr. and Mrs. Schrodetzki
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Marty Shriver
Drs. Rajesh and Brenda Singal
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Smith, Mr. Scott Smith
Mr. Will Streett
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Taylor
Mr. Harry Young* and Mrs. Betty Lou Young
Mrs. Helen Zeigler*

Customized Employers

Organizations listed below provide competitive integrated employment for the individuals Penn-Mar supports.


A&R Rental Center
Advanced Vein & Laser Center
Arby’s – Shrewsbury
Archetype Glass Inc.
AVI Foodsystems at McDaniel College
Bank of America – Hunt Valley
Barnes & Noble
BC Brewery Inc
Bear’s Paw Fabrics
Best Western – Westminster
Biomedical Recovery Systems, LLC
BJ’s Wholesale Club
Bonkey’s Ice Cream & Snoballs
Books A Million – York
Brightview Assisted Living – Lutherville
Brothers Services Company – Hampstead
Buffalo Wild Wings
Carroll Hospital – Life Bridge Health System
Central York Schools
Chick-Fil-A – Cockeysville
Crescent Industries
Dairy Queen – York
Dallastown Area Middle School
Dallastown Area School District
East Coast Dyes
Edible Arrangements – Hanover
Faith and Willow Bistro & Bakery
Flowers by Cindy
Gastroenterology Associates of York
Genova’s Pizza
Glatfelter Insurance Group
Goodwill Retail Store and Donation Center – Shrewsbury
Gordon Recycling
Graul’s Market – Hereford
Growing Friends
Hampton Inn
Hanover Area YMCA – South
Harford Community College
Heritage Hills Resort
Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Home Depot – Shrewsbury
Independent Can Company
Infinitos Pizza
Laser Alleys
Long View Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare
Maple Press
Medical Management & Rehabilitation Services
Mercury Electronics
Montessori School Of Westminster
NAPA Auto Parts – Hunt Valley
Normandie Ridge
Northeastern School District
Olive Garden
Panera Bread
Penguin Random House
PetSmart – Towson
Primo Pizza Express
Providence Divine Cakes & Pastries
Red Lion Area School District
Red Lion Controls
Roundtown Elementary
Royal Farms – Hunt Valley
Ruby Tuesday
Schmuck Lumber – Hanover
Sea Solar Power
ShopRite of Jacksonville
ShopRite of Timonium
Snack America
Snavely Forest Products
Sons Of Sicily
South Western School District
SpiriTrust Lutheran
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
Summit Building Services INC.
Taco Bell
Texas Roadhouse
True Value
Uniform Graphix
Walmart – Westminster
Weis Markets
Wendy’s Restaurant
West Liberty Child Development Center
Wolfgang Confectioners
York Ice Arena
York Imperial Plastics

I could be having the worst possible day but once I show up at Penn-Mar all my troubles are instantly erased because I am surrounded by people filled with joy and happiness. As a group, I find the folks at Penn-Mar to be so happy and appreciative. They are just full of sunshine.


– Hank Snow, Owner, Hunt Country Construction


Michael Mahon

Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Mettrick

Chief Strategy Officer

Gregory T. Miller

President & Chief Executive Officer

Kathy Rogers

Chief Advancement Officer, Penn-Mar Human Services
Executive Director, Penn-Mar Foundation



Paul Schiavone

Chief Human Resources Officer

Jackie Stevens

Chief Operating Officer




Douglas A. Rein, Chair

William T. Yanavitch, II, Vice-Chair

Paul Shifrin, Treasurer

Kristine A. Crosswhite, Secretary


Dr. James Ball

Marriah Barnett

Bruce Bartels

Timothy W. Chase

Jill Golueke

Denise Hargrove

Julia Huggins

Jonathan Kinsley

Elizabeth Pitts-Madonna

Chrysta R. Stine

Matthew Superczynski

Robert Zerance, Jr.

Robert Zgorski

Morton F. Zifferer, Jr.


Elizabeth Pitts-Madonna, Chair

Julia Huggins, Vice-Chair

Jonathan Kinsley, Treasurer

Jill Golueke, Secretary

Anthony Gallo, Immediate Past Chair

Timothy Chase, Investment Committee Chair

Dr. James Ball

Bruce Bartels

Max Blumenthal

Kristine A. Crosswhite

Christy Cohen

Joe DiPaola

Gary Gilbert

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